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Facing panels with brick tiles based on insulant (brick thermal panels)

BRICK THERMAL PANELS is a composite system for outside finishing and insulation of facades of buildings consisting of thermal insulation material (insulant):
- expanded polystyrene (IPS)
- extrusion expanded polystyrene (XPS)
and external decorative protective layer – brick tiles pressed into an insulant.


(along the perimeter of the panel)
Manufacturer: Paradyz, Cerrad & KingKlinker (Poland), Feldhaus Klinker (Germany)
Embedded detail (made of zinc-coated steel of 0.50 mm ArcelorMittal Steel, Germany)
Thermal insulation layer (EPS-25, XPS-35)
Manufacturer: KLEIBERIT PUR Adhesives (Germany) It is polymerized, and creates a monolithic and durable construction burning into the structure of both materials throughout the thickness.
A small load on the foundation, the average weight of 1 m2 of the brick thermal panel with 17 kg jointing!
Two materials gluing process is carried out in factory conditions and occurs when the tiles are pressed into the panel
Polyurethane ADHESIVE
The off-the-shelf solution for finishing the facade!
INSTALLATION OF THERMAL PANELS up to - 10°C in winter!!!

Please review a full list of Royal Fasade products using the "Designer" program on our website, which allows you to choose the brick tile and the float finishing to it. See also the Product Catalog, available for downloading below.
ATTENTION! We are the participants of IQ Energy European grant program on cash compensation (up to 35 %, EUR 3,000!) for energy-efficient house insulation!
Detailed information is available HERE by reference –
Do not miss the unique opportunity to profitably warm your house in 2018!!!


Choose the tile and the float finishing

    Float finishing:

    Royal Fasade Company

    Manufacturer of brick thermal panels in Ukraine!

    Only high-quality raw materials and materials are used in the course of production, that is confirmed by certificates and technical documentation.
    We always have favorable price or special offers. We work throughout Ukraine.
    We render services in designing and 3-D visualization of your facade.
    We offer consultations when working with our products, provide technical documentation, if necessary, "installation supervision" is possible.
    Our team does not sell a product or a service, we always offer the best solution to meet your needs!
    If the recommended rules and instructions are followed, we issue a written guarantee.
    In Ukraine, we are the only holder of the PATENT
    on the utility model and the way of its production – brick thermal panel.
    for products
    completed projects
    in Ukraine

    But the most important advantage achieved

    is the European MULTIPLE PRESSING technology introduced by us, which allows achieving maximum penetration of polyurethane adhesive into the insulator and tile structure!

    The highest quality of brick thermal panels of TM Royal Facade is ensured by using only CERTIFIED MATERIALS FROM EUROPEAN UNION COUNTRIES

    See our tests

    We make all OUR VIDEO without special training and professional editing in order to transfer real
    properties and conditions of application of TM Royal Fasade products.



    Brick thermal panels are mounted to the FLAT surface

    of the facade base
    Mounting of starting steel
    galvanized profile
    Mechanical fastening of facade
    brick thermal panels
    Filling of open joints at junctions
    and fixings with a troweling mixture
    The European standard of a thermal panel of 0.6 х 1 m = 0.6 м2 provides optimum convenience at transportation and installation of products.
    Installation of brick thermal panels by "dry method" of up to -5 °C the year round!
    High degree of panels availability allows avoiding many technical errors of careless installers.
    Easy-to-install – panels are very easily assembled and mounted as a "Lego" erector by the team of two people without high qualifications!



    PSB- S25 GosT (foamed expanded polystyrene) 8 mm XPS-45 (extruded expanded polystyrene)

    Comfort and warmth of the house – is the guarantee of health and happy days spent together with the family. After all, most of the time we spend within the walls of our cozy house, where we try to make everything as convenient as possible. To create such an environment it is important to maintain the necessary microclimate and avoid problems associated with natural factors and deviations in construction.

    Today, the concept of  «energy efficient house»  increasingly occurs because of the increase in energy resources prices and the whole world’s policy of their consumption minimization. Royal Fasade is one of the first companies in Ukraine, which drew attention to this problem and began to search for solutions to several issues at once:

    1. How to insulate the facade using a simple modular design?
    2. How to reduce the level of heat consumption by using an effective heat insulation construction material?
    3. How to make the facade durable using the quality finishing?
    4. How to bring the “dew point” from the wall structure to the finishing insulation material, while ensuring the safety of the insulator properties?
    5. How to choose environmentally friendly and lightweight insulation material that will serve for a long time?
    6. How to make the thermal panel cost worthy?

    These problems solving began in Europe, where there are strict construction codes and requirements for energy efficiency of structures.

    Royal Fasad  is a participant to the program of lending and financial compensation for energy-efficient technologies and IQ energy materials. iq-energy-logoProgram is a financial lever for improvement in the field of energy efficiency to take measures in relation to housing construction in Ukraine, which seek to comply with modern European standards for energy-saving technologies. IQ energy was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development iq-energy-banl-of-europa-jpg with the support of donors: Eastern European Partnership, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), and Federal Ministry of Finance of Austria (BMF). By purchasing energy efficient products of TM ROYAL FASADE for finishing and insulation of your house, you can get an opportunity to lend up to EUR 15,000 and a grant (compensation) of up to EUR 3,000. iq-energy-banks-of-ukraine-jpg

    You just need to file a package of documents together with our organization, to Ukrainian banks according to your choice: OTP Bank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group https.

    Video 1. Energy Efficiency Audit.

    Video 2. Integrated approach to thermal insulation.


    For more detailed conditions for obtaining compensation and loan, please contact our manager or follow the link.
    We are glad to help you to save energy and financial resources today! What is thermal panel? From idea to finished constructions!   The search for a solution on how to insulate the house gave a positive result and the first ideas about the construction of special thermal panels appeared in Royal Fasade LLC. They were based on two materials: light porous insulant and strong finishing layer. In such a way brick thermal panels were created for the first time, the purchase of which is no big deal nowadays, since our company has representative offices of TM RoyalFasade in many cities of Ukraine, and Royal Fasade projects realized with the use of brick thermal panels can be seen in any, even remote, part of the country.

    At the moment we use PSBS expanded polystyrene or extruded expanded polystyrene as a heat insulating layer, and brick tiles of Polish and German manufacturers as a finishing.

    Today brick facade thermal panels are an excellent alternative to expensive multilayer insulation, as they have a sufficiently high degree of availability.

    We order polyurethane adhesive, with the help of which tiles are pressed into the insulant, in Europe. Royal Fasade company buys the certified expanded polystyrene in bulk in Italy and Turkey, and brick tiles come from Poland or Germany.

    Perhaps some customers will have a question: is there really no high-quality construction materials in Ukraine, that you have to buy all raw materials abroad? The difference is in the fact that all European raw materials are environmentally safe and have all the necessary documentation of Royal Fasade company, proving compliance with strict norms and standards of Europe.

    Thermal panels manufacturing technology gave excellent results, and today brick thermal panels of TM Royal Fasade are in request not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders (USA, Canada, Europe, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.)

    The price of brick thermal panels, which is formed based on the prices of European raw materials, is stable and pegged against the European currency (euro, dollar).

    What are the properties and features of brick thermal panels?

    Modular structures, produced by Royal Fasade company, are not only in line with but also in many respects superior to all standards and results of thermal panels testing for strength.

    As a result, the owner of brick Royal Fasade thermal panels gets:

    • Rather light (but durable) facade, which reduces the load on walls and basement of the building.
    • Bringing the “dew point” outside, as the insulant is placed on the outside of the bearing wall.
    • Possibility to reduce the thickness of the wall structure significantly in the presence of an insulation layer, that saves space and material resources.
    • The obtained facade high-temperature, sunlight, water stability.
    • Thermal panels resistance to mechanical stress, that allows the facade to keep unchanged state when the building shrinks.

    Thermal panel design

    So, the facade brick thermal panel is a modular material, that is of a particular value among constructors today. This design has certain dimensions with minimal deviation. Mounting to the wall is carried out with the help of fastening details. Panels are fastened to each other with a special lock, developed by Royal Fasade company, under the principle of “quarter-turn”. Joints between the panels are sealed, that allows achieving the effect of “thermos” for the facade of the house.

    Thermal panel functionality

    The main functions of the thermal panel are wall insulation, facade protection, and decorative finishing. Besides, it can perform the ventilated facades function, which depends on the method of the thermal panel fastening to the bearing wall. In case of a small gap between the base of the panel and the wall, it is possible to make a ventilated facade. After all, in any case, thermal panels do not require a close fit to the wall, so the ventilation space can be kept if desired.

    What is the advantage of brick thermal panels

    1. Easy-to-install. This advantage appears in the fact that at the installation of brick thermal panels there is no need to lay a multilayer structure consisting of mineral wool, siding, and waterproofing. There is no need to lay a separate layer of insulation, and then stick tiles on it. The finished thermal panel has a high degree of availability and various options of performance (different types of insulant, different thicknesses of insulant, a huge range of tiles). Thus, brick thermal panels installation is easy and can be done by the team of two people without special training, as all the thermal panels are assembled as a Lego erector!
    2. The installation of thermal panels with brick tiles is carried out without additional costs for the materials selection since thermal panels can be easily cut to parts at different angles.
    3. The finished facade made of thermal panels with brick tiles has a long service life since it is not subject to chemical factors or mechanical damages. After all, the brick tiles, with which the thermal panels are equipped, are very strong, durable and resistant to wear and natural factors influence.
    4. The ecological neutrality of the thermal panels is proved by many tests of its components, therefore it does not have a harmful effect on either human health or the environment. Expanded polystyrene, purchased in Italy and Turkey, has all the necessary certificates of environmental safety. Thermal panels for interior finishing can also be used, but only in spacious rooms.
    5. Thermal panels with brick tiles are effective when bringing the “dew point” outside.  The brick thermal panels manufacturing technology allows not only to effectively insulate the walls but also to perform this competently in order to avoid the deplorable consequences associated with the appearance of fungi on the walls.
    6. You can buy facade thermal panels in any city of Ukraine, as the delivery is done to all parts of the country.

    Comparative characteristics of thermal panels

    Let’s compare thermal panels with other facade materials in order to understand the advantages of the first. Due to the high degree of availability, the brick thermal panels compete with other insulation materials that do not have such advantages.

    Characteristics of the thermal panel:

    1. High strength and resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, sun, etc.
    2. As compared to the finishing brick, brick thermal panels are much lighter, give a lesser load on the facade, don’t crumble, don’t form any efflorescences on the surface.Нет условий для появления грибка и плесени.
    3. There are no conditions for the appearance of fungi.
    4. When contacting with moisture, the thermal panel is not filled with it, creates no conditions for the wall freezing in winter.
    5. Thermal panels don’t burn, as Royal Fasade company uses high-quality non-combustible expanded polystyrene
    6. Thermal panels, the price for which is absolutely acceptable, are durable and have a guarantee of 15 years.

    The thermal conductivity of expanded polystyrene, consisting of 98 % air, is low, so brick thermal panels give additional sound insulation to the facade (air has the ability to dissipate sound). Advantages of the expanded polystyrene are created during its production using automatic equipment, which makes it possible to manufacture expanded polystyrene with predictable parameters that are the same for all batches.

    How to choose thermal panels?

    Each house is individual due to its location, raw materials it is built of, and the customer’s tastes. And the prices for thermal panels vary depending on the insulant thickness, the tile type, and the thermal panel dimensions. It is not so easy to buy thermal panels only at first view, because within two hours experienced specialists will be helping you to calculate the thickness of the insulant and the number of thermal panels you need, as well as help you choose the tile.

    Take into account that brick facade thermal panels consist of two components: expanded polystyrene and brick finishing tile.

    • The strength of the thermal panel is similar in characteristics to the strength of concrete (M800), with a moisture permeability below 2 % and very low thermal conductivity. In the course of thermal panel manufacturing, the layers are so firmly connected to each other that the model is not subject to destruction even when the building shrinks.
    • Brick thermal panels have an area of 0.62 m2, a length of 1,016 mm, a width of 600 mm. The thickness of the thermal panel (expanded polystyrene + tiles) is 30, 50, 80, 100 and 150 mm. The weight of the thermal panel is from 14 to 17 kg, depending on the insulation layer thickness.
    • Externally, the thermal panels are distinguished by the color of the finishing material (brick tiles) and the texture of the tile surface. The difference is in the brick tile manufacturer as well. Color and texture can be selected using the “Designer” application. This program allows you to choose a troweling mixture as well.
    • TM Royal Fasade thermal panels with brick tiles passed the tests, which proved that the facade insulated with brick thermal panels can pass more than 300 freezing cycles, which is similar in properties to the best concrete mixtures for monoliths.
    • In order to choose the insulant thickness, it is necessary to conduct a competent heat calculation, depending on what the house is built of, and in what area it is located. It is not difficult to calculate the thermal conductivity, but it is better to call on a qualified specialist.
    • In order to carry out the installation of thermal panels, it is necessary to study the surface of the building facade. If it is smooth, then the wall doesn’t require an additional preparation, if it is not, then it is necessary to smooth it out with the help of applying a special mixture, in the thickness of which the dowels can be held.

    Modern technologies for brick thermal panels production

    Nowadays thermal panels with brick tiles are the most popular among thermal panels. Book thermal panel today, and within two weeks you will receive a beautiful European facade, which will not only appeal to your eye but also create warmth and coziness of your house!

    Among thermal panels of other manufacturers, the brick thermal panel has a strength and excellent heat insulating properties. Applying slate clay in brick thermal panels production, Royal Fasade company imparts strength to the facade, thanks to which this finishing material gains the lead among other panels.

    Important! Peculiarities of production are such that thermal panel components bonding occurs at a certain temperature and humidity, and, most importantly, – under the pressing machine heavy load, that gives the opportunity to make a deep insight into the structure of the material, which is impossible with manual tiles bonding onto the facade!

    Brick panels with a finished tile-to-tile joint at the base of the facade magnesium oxide board for suspended ventilated constructions.

    1klinkernaya-plitka-na-osnove-magnezita-royal-fasade-1 klinkernaya-plitka-na-osnove-magnezita-royal-fasade

    Brick thermal panels are produced on modern technological equipment with minimum human involvement, that minimizes errors in the process of this finishing material manufacturing.

    In Royal Fasade company, the involved qualified specialists automated the production of brick thermal panels by means of European technology and equipment use.

    Important! Brick thermal panels manufacturing technology of TM Royal Fasade has two patents from government on intellectual property! We were among the first to master this technology and remain among the best today!

    As a result of a careful selection of raw materials for brick thermal panels manufacturing, Royal Fasade company chose brick tiles of German and Polish manufacturers TM Paradyz, TM Cerrad, TM KingKlinker, TM FieldHause; based on expanded polystyrene from Italy TM EniS.p.A. and Turkey; with polyurethane adhesives from Germany TM KLEIBERIT PUR Adhesives. These manufacturers have quality certificates for their products that prove their environmental safety.


    Advantages of Royal Fasade company

    • The warranty on brick thermal panels manufactured by Royal Fasade LLC is 15 years, but we state with certainty that the facade will serve you for decades.
    • Thermal panels buying is a responsible step, but you can trust our company because here you will be offered not just a product, but a set of optimal solutions.
    • Becoming a customer of Royal Fasade company, you provide yourself with all the necessary technical documentation, in addition, our specialists can carry out the supervision.
    • The company provides services on engineering and 3-D modeling of facades.
    • The company always organize special offers and discounts.
    • Any customer from any part of the country can become a client of the company. Delivery is also possible to any city of Ukraine.

    Facade brick thermal panels, photos of which you can see on our website, you can also see live on successfully implemented projects – facades of our clients’ houses.

    Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Chernihiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odessa, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhhorod, Lviv, Lutsk, Rivne, Zhytomyr, and so on.



    THIS MATERIAL is every bit as good as ceramic granite or natural stone IN ITS STRENGTH, or even better.
    NO EFFLORESCENCE ON THE SURFACE in continuous use allows the building to maintain a beautiful and presentable appearance for a long time.
    IN CASE OF COMPETENT THERMAL CALCULATION they provide a favorable microclimate in the house saving up to 40 % of energy resources! It's cool in summer, and it's warm in winter!
    VALUE-ENHANCING PROPERTY INVESTMENTS and energy efficiency of your house.
    WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS – for civil, commercial and private construction
    MORE THAN 65 KINDS OF COLORS AND TEXTURES of brick tile in thermal panels.
    THE MATERIAL IS DISTINGUISHED BY INCREDIBLE RESISTANCE to mechanical damages, effects of acids and alkali
    CONTRIBUTE TO THE CREATION OF EXTRA PROTECTION of the facade of the building from damaging effects of the environment.
    IT HAS AN ABSOLUTE ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, because raw material for the production of brick tiles is a natural material.
    LOW WATER SATURATION FACTOR provides brick with resistance to adverse conditions such as excessive humidity, temperature fluctuations, and wind influence.
    ALL COMPONENT PARTS used in the course of production are supplied only from high-quality suppliers from Western 0Europe.



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      In case of ordering brick thermal panels above 300 m2, delivery around Ukraine is free!
      The special offer is valid: from February 01, 2019 to February 28, 2019
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      • You contact with the manager
      • We make the measurements and calculate the number of materials
      • We conclude agreement
      • We deliver you the materials



      Written warranty obligations for TM Royal Facade products:

      FROM25 YEARS
      WARRANTY for brick thermal panel
      Payment can be made in any way
      convenient for you. For payment we accept –
      cash or cashless transfer:
      In case of ordering brick thermal panels above 300 m2, delivery around Ukraine is free!
      Products delivery is carried out by passing trucks throughout Ukraine. Besides, we always have all samples of Royal Facade thermal panels in stock, and you can see them with your own eyes if you come to our office.

      We send ALL tile samples throughout Ukraine via Nova Poshta!

      Delivery is carried out to all cities of regional centers of Ukraine by opportune cargo:

      Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Chernihiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odessa, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhhorod, Lviv, Lutsk, Rivne, Zhytomyr, and so on.


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